more than Self defense for women


In the jungle, the lion doesn’t look for the fastest and strongest deer to kill, instead he looks for the easy kill, the weak deer with a limp that’s stranded alone.

Similarly rapists and criminals aren’t looking to prove their manhood by selecting the toughest and strongest woman as their target. They are on the lookout for weak vulnerable women to take advantage of.

Real self-defense is not about learning to throw a flying kick like Bruce lee, its more about exploiting criminal psychology and sticking to the basics.

You can tremendously increase your safety just be being or at least appearing like a tough, capable of doing violence kind of woman. Your body language and initial responses to someone following you or approaching you should convey the message that you are not the squeaky girlie types who’ll faint in a slap and be easily taken anywhere, instead they should say that I am the kind of woman who #1 can run faster than you #2 scream louder than you #3 will bite, scratch, eye gauge and turn into an animal if attacked.

I repeat its not about your martial arts skills at the initial stage of self-defense but more about your VIBES. Do your vibes resemble a weak, fragile victim’s or a powerful predator’s?

Strength & Honor

Mannan R. Dattah

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