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the mission

Making People Powerful Through Martial Arts

The ultimate aim of a warrior is power. Power in body, mind and spirit. At Knockout we want to bring out your best. So that you can live an epic life. We want you to overcome your obstacles and fears, shatter your limits and achieve greater heights than you ever thought possible. That is what we mean, when we say ‘’making people powerful’’

Our Mission

Knockout’s mission is to make people powerful in body, mind and spirit using authentic martial arts training.

We do this by creating a safe and supportive environment where people get to learn directly from the best teachers in the world.

Our Goal

We offer a platform for beginners (people without any experience at all) as well as professional athletes who want to take their game to the next level.

All age groups are welcome. Knockout has worked hard on its quality standards, so you can expect world class Martial Arts training at our gyms.


Any animal that can not fight does not last on this planet for a long time.

Then there are levels beyond just physics fighting. You must fight for their dreams. You must fight for what they believe in. You must fight against bad habits and weaknesses. You must fight to become the best version of yourself

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Founder's Words

Growing up I was the weakest one in the room. Unsure of my ability to protect myself if the need ever arose. Under-confident, awkward and unable to have a powerful presence. This failure to be able to shine and be my best version led to a whole bunch of problems – social isolation, drug abuse, depression and more.

There were many things I did to pull myself out of that hell hole and become the man I am today, one of them that stands out is Martial Arts training. I started by searching for academies close to me because I wanted to get over my fear of fighting, I wanted to have the confidence of knowing I can handle a situation even if there are 3-4 people against me. 

But I was heavily disappointed with what I experienced. People were teaching fancy moves and traditional katas in the name of real world fighting. That’s when I decided I am going to have to take matters into my own hands.

Around the same time, MMA had just started becoming popular in India. Movies like never back down had come out. Its almost like a divine plan that unfolded, I created an MMA school with some of the best teachers I could find. We didn’t have any MMA teachers in India back then so I found boxers, wushu fighters, wrestlers etc. and merged their styles together

The last piece of the puzzle was sports psychology and criminal psychology. Once I added the mental element to Knockout’s training that’s when the results exploded. People started to quickly overcome their fear of violence and our athletes started winning one championship after the other

When I started all this, little did I know how big this would become and how many lives Knockout would touch. Since our inception in 2012, have grown into a wonderful family of students, teachers, fighters and international level champions.

And this is still the beginning, there is a long way to go.

Our Trainers

to be the best, train with the best!

Our team of experts will guide you through your training journey. Embark on your transformation journey with us and we promise that you will remember us for life. 

Mannan sir



Amit sir (1)

Amit Kumar

Founding Member & Head Coach

Prmsh sir

Prmsh Manni

Founding Member

Akash sir

Akash Kashyap

Founding Member

Rajesh sir

Rajesh Biswas

Senior Manager

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