Muay Thai training in Delhi

Muay Thai Training In Delhi- Planned For Short-Term Goals

You might have heard about Kickboxing, boxing, Karate, Martial arts etc but probably not about Muay Thai art because it is still relatively new in India. Undoubtedly, the most famous combat sport of Thailand, Muay Thai is based on the stand-up strikes and clinching techniques. A Muay Thai practitioner is trained to use knees, shins, elbows, fists and feet to attack the opponent as well as to defend the self. So, if you are concerned for the safety issues [...]

Karate training in South Delhi

Karate Training in South Delhi – The Best Buy for This Festive Season

So, you are well planned to celebrate this festival season enjoying your vacations. The weather conditions are also favorable to high your ‘josh’. How good it would be if you use this vacation period to learn some simple steps of Karate to safeguard you and your beloved ones. Yes, the idea of buying ‘short-term Karate training program’ may amaze you but the happiness and satisfaction you will get will become a life-long usable skill, especially, if you are living [...]