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Vishnu Garden

Are you looking to begin or continue your Martial Art’s journey of a lifetime? Looking for a great, fun workout to add to your daily fitness regime? Or take on a new sport, learn self-defence and gain confidence.

If your answer is “YES”, then you are in the right place.

Knockout Fight Club, a renowned MMA training centre located across Delhi NCR, now has yet another facility in West Delhi owing to the ever-increasing demand from the area.

We are a well known, established name with dominance in many styles of Martial Arts. While delivering a great workout, we also believe in instilling valuable life building skills such as confidence, discipline, goal setting, leadership, humility, self-control in our students.

In this new facility of ours in Janakpuri, along with Martial Arts, you will receive the benefits of a fully-fledged gym. Weights, Machines, Cardio section, you name it and we have it.

Recent Achievements & Strengths

You will be training under some of Knockout’s most experienced coaches and you are sure to get World-Class Martial Arts instruction. We create a healthy, safe and supportive environment for our clients and at the same time promote excellence and fitness. We have clients ranging from beginners to serious competitors, training alike looking to learn Kickboxing, Boxing, BJJ, Muay-Thai, Self-Defense and MMA.

Types Of Classes & Training Style

Our training programs are designed to accommodate students of all levels and ability. We realize that not everyone shares the same ambitions or desires. Whatever is it that you want to achieve, we have all the resources available. You could train to be an athlete, a professional MMA fighter or to maintain or elevate your fitness.

At Knockout Fight Club, you will:

• Learn Self- defence

• Become healthier

• Gain Strength

• Effortless weight management

• Razor-sharp concentration skills

• Learn a new sport And so much more.

We provide a variety of options for you to explore in our everyday classes:


  • BOXING classes in West Delhi
  • KICK-BOXING classes in West Delhi
  • MUAY-THAI classes in West Delhi
  • WRESTLING classes in West Delhi
  • SUBMISSION GRAPPLING classes in West Delhi
  • CALLISTHENICS classes in West Delhi
  • CROSSFIT classes in West Delhi
  • FUNCTIONAL TRAINING classes in West Delhi
  • HITT-WORKOUT classes in West Delhi
  • BJJ classes in West Delhi

If you live in and around West Delhi, you must pay us a visit. Stop in and see for yourself why we are one of the best MMA training facility in Delhi.