Fitness Kickboxing

Sweat tone and feel great with Knockout’s adrenaline pumping Kickboxing training.

Creatively designed to deliver full body workouts for all fitness levels, this training is perfect for you if your main goal is getting into shape and becoming more athletic.

We blend authentic Fitness kickboxing training with intense calorie-burning exercises, phenomenal resistance training, Pilates, Yoga and Russian Kettlebell system of fitness and dynamic Strength.

A regular Kickboxing class includes

  • 15 min warm up
  • 15 min warm strength & conditioning exercises
  • 20 min of punching and kicking
  • 5 mins of focused core training (we use our core in the S&C section too)
  • 5 mins cool down

Students will be exposed to Knockout’s proven and tested curriculum in a fun and safe environment.



    Historically an interesting point to note is that;

    A lot of Kickboxing styles originated by mixing Boxing with Karate.

    This made nature of this training is very holistic and that’s why it is one of the most popular combat sports in the world.

    At Knockout we give you the full feel of a fun and impactful training session without compromising on quality that means even if you’re only doing Martial Arts for fitness, you will still be developing a real skill set.

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    • January 25, 2017