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    Welcome to Knockout Fight Club’s Saket, New Delhi unit!

    Knockout Fight Club is the top ranking name among Martial Arts training clubs in Delhi and North India. Our facilities for MMA training in Saket put together the necessary requirements for results oriented, high quality training standards. If you are looking to join an MMA based training program for fitness, self defense or pro fighting in Saket, where the classes our conducted by the authentic teachers and not the fake fighters you have mushrooming everywhere then, Knockout Fight Club Saket is your best choice. Almost all of Knockout Fight Club’s senior coaches regularly visit this branch to monitor the proceedings and to keep the members on the right learning track.



      Recent Achievements & Strengths


      Affordable Self Defense Training in Saket, New Delhi:

      Located near PVR Saket (Anupam), we provide a high energy and adrenaline pumping atmosphere to help you learn like a champ. Despite having the best in class teachers, training curriculum and fighting opportunities, we offer the most affordable Martial Arts training packages that are fully customized based on your unique goals because we at Knockout Fight Club don’t believe in the one size fits all approach. Some of the Fitness and Self-Defense based programs we teach are…

      MMA training in Saket
      Martial Arts training in Saket
      Kickboxing training in Saket Muay Thai training in Saket
      Karate training in Saket
      Boxing training in Saket
      Weight loss training in Saket … and more

      Types Of Classes & Training Style

      Personalized Fitness and Martial Arts Training In Saket, New Delhi:

      Everyone concerned with his/her safety needs to acquire a self defense skill. The decision of which Martial Art to learn depends upon the individual’s interest and capabilities.

      Simultaneously, basic fitness programs are designed to improve your overall performance. We at Knockout Fight Club, being the leaders in Martial Arts training in New Delhi, endeavour to make international quality Martial arts curriculums easily available and affordable for everyone; our set up for Martial Arts training in Saket is the outcome of the same pursuit. Conveniently located near PVR Saket (Anupam), we provide excellent facilities to help you enjoy every moment in the company of friendly but task oriented trainers and disciplined members.

      Because of being in the Martial Arts training business for many years, we respect the diversity in requirements and objectives; therefore, we train you according to your personal objectives. The classes are conducted by the qualified and experienced teachers; who know very well how to personalize the teaching practices according to an individuals learning and practicing capability. Your safety is our prime concern; so, feel confident about our systematic approach to self Defense and Mixed Martial Arts training even if you are a novice. Use of advanced methodologies and supporting devices makes the learning of any Martial Art a fun filled activity irrespective of your physical strength and previous experience. The variety of classes for small batches is ever expanding; and, it is not confined just to-

      MMA classes in Saket Martial Arts classes in Saket

      Kickboxing classes in Saket Muay Thai classes in Saket

      Karate classes in Saket Boxing classes in Saket ……

      Extended Support Before and After Training:

      Everyone at Knockout Fight Club is committed to flourish the Martial arts training in India; the ever expanding list of our branches in Delhi and NCR tells the excellence we ever want to improve. Numbers of people willing to join a fitness program, weight loss program or self defense art training program kill the desire because of having numbers of misconceptions. Our counselors welcome your inquiries in person and over the phone. We invite the willing members to visit the classes and sessions of fitness, weight loss or self defense training in Saket and to participate in ‘free of cost’ trial session. Our support doesn’t end just with the end of training program; we support yours objectives even after the training also; for example, be the active participants of events that we organize to help you showcase your perfection and to get awarded – with fame, applauds and prize.

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      Be a Proud and Powerful Member of Knockout Fight Club

      Thinking about providing here daughter or partner self-defense training in Saket? If yes then the best answer is available here. Now you can easily get the best self-defense training for women in Noida just buy joining the knockout fight club. A knockout, the best self-defense Class in Saket is being provided by the experts that will not only help you in enhancing your physical abilities but also your intellectual capabilities as well. If you are having any query or willing to get a demo then you just need to visit the knockout fight club in Saket once or you can also send your query through the mail.

      Classic Boxing in Saket:

      Thinking about getting the best Kickboxing Training in saket? If yes then the answer is available hair. The best Kickboxing Training in saket is now provided by your own knockout fight. At fight club the best Kickboxing Classes in saket are provided by the experts that will help you in enhancing your mental as well as the physical capabilities. You will also be able to improve your posture and coordination is skills. If you are having any sort of concentration issues then also the Knockout Fight Club experts will help you the best possible manner.