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    Welcome to Knockout Fight Club’s dedicated space for Martial Arts training

    Address: Amarpali Crystal Home Shopping Arcade, Basement, Sector 76, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201306



      We, at Knockout Fight Club, are providing extraordinary Martial Arts training at various locations in Delhi and NCR for over 5 years. Our new set up at this super awesome location Noida Sector 76, with access to a secret outdoor jungle area for special old school style training is the next step to providing the people living in and around Noida access to high quality self defense and Martial Arts training from the most qualified and skilled experts. Poised to be the foremost club conducting a big variety of Martial Arts classes in Noida, we are committed to impart the best in class perfection and knowledge that will serve your personal objectives; whether it is self-defense, fitness, pro fighting or building character with Martial Arts. We invite you to explore the many ways you can grow by training at Knockout Fight Club.

      Recent Achievements & Strengths

      Knockout Fight club was the only association which was the part of the MFN 2 officials. This event was organized by Tiger Shroff on 29th June, 2019 in New Delhi. Founder Mannan R. Dattah was a member of the official team of MFN 2 and a leading personality in the main event. Not only were we a part of the organizing team, but our fighters participated and won the fights as well.

      "Age is not a barrier for you to learn Martial Arts and we personally train people from varied age groups."

      At Knockout Fight club we follow the OPEN DOOR Policy. We believe in being transparent and open to our clients. We are open to suggestions from our clients and we also address their problems with utmost sincerity.

      Types Of Classes & Training Style

      MMA Training in Noida at Competitive Price:

      MMA (mixed martial arts) is getting more and more popularity among the youth. Mixed Martial Arts, the worlds fastest growing combat sport, traces back to 33rd Olympiad, 648 B.C.. Obviously back then it had different names. With the passage of time, like other arts, this one too passed through massive transformation but without losing its original instinct. Joining Mixed Martial Arts – MMA classes in Noida at Knockout Fight Club would be a different experience than that of learning any other combat skill from any other fight club. Our MMA program combines the Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiujitsu and Muay Thai. Fighters must perfect all 3 domains of fighting long/medium distance striking, close quarter and full ground fighting skills. The reason MMA is the most practiced combat skill in today day and age is because this art mixes so many different Martial Arts and gives the practitioner a well rounded and practical skill set.

      Kickboxing Training in Noida:

      Kickboxing, was born out of Muay Thai, It is the perfect blend of powerful stand-up attacks that include punching and kicking.
      Our Kickboxing classes in Noida are designed to teach offensive and defensive techniques along with taking ones fitness to very high levels.
      Whether you wish to participate in a competition or want to learn it just for the self defense and fitness, we train you by creating an effective personalized curriculum.

      Muay Thai Training in Noida:

      All the self defense Martial Arts evolved with the passage of centuries; and, Muay Thai too is not an exception. If your passion is to learn a reliable self defense art is ignited by the wish to have remarkable fitness, flexibility, focused mind, quick decision capacity and power, our Muay Thai classes in Noida are designed to deliver more than that you wish. We conduct Muay Thai training in a safe atmosphere at Noida to impart the excellent perfection in semi-contact, light contact, full contact training.

      It’s high time to explore self-defense training in your area. The knockout fight club has brought some special and amazing techniques for you to provide your self-defense classes in Noida Sector 76. Now there is no need to roam here and there to reach for good self-defense training in Noida sector 76. This club will help you to remain fit and healthy both physically and mentally by increasing your intellectual capability. You just need to visit the demo classes of self-defense for women at Noida sector 30 else you can also visit its official website for further clarification of doubts and if any.

      Boxing Training in Noida:

      If you too wish to get the perfection in boxing skill, visit our Boxing classes in Noida Sector 76. The advanced facilities and controlled environment simplify the learning of boxing skills, even if, you are not as strong as you think you need to be. Our boxing trainers will teach you DIY tricks to strengthen and condition yourself for the high level training.
      Now joining personalized Martial Arts and self-defense training in Noida is no more a complex task. Just a visit to our set up at Noida Sector 76 will make you feel – finally Noida has a real MMA training facility.

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      Karate Training in Noida:

      As being the best organized Martial Arts training club in NCR and Delhi, we offer extensive support to help you live your dream of being an honored Karate perfectionist. The most inspiring idea to join our Karate classes in Noida is to become mentally, physically, spiritually stronger with the learned skill to make everyone safe. Our Karate experts conduct the training according to your learning capabilities because we never compromise with standards of knowledge, correct postures and moves.

      Classic Boxing in Noida:

      Now, it's high time to explore your physical activities by taking the best Kickboxing Training in your area. In order to help you out, the Knockout Fight Club is now available with the best Kickboxing Classes in Noida sector 76. Now, you do not need to search again and again on internet or take any online classes because at Knockout Fight Club you will get the best and affordable deals as well. They are not only providing the best Kickboxing Training in Noida sector 76 but also will help you in remaining fit and healthy. If you are having any sort of doubts then you can take the demo Kickboxing Classes and get sure.