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    Noida Extension

    Knockout Fight Club Noida extension is the latest venture of the Knockout Fight club. The journey of the 11th branch of Knockout located at Noida extension, Gaur City 1, started on 6th July,2019.



      In the heart of Noida Extension, where we have thousands of corporates and professionals residing, we are proud to have opened the 1st Mix Martial Arts academy. Our vision- “Get Ready to Fight” is to make you fight your fears and promise you fitness along the way.

      Following the pillars on which Knockout stands, we take it upon ourselves to reach out to maximum people and provide them with basic self defense techniques.

      Thousands of students have benefitted from our trainings. We at Knockout, not only transform people externally but also internally. We make them mentally strong. Once you enter this place, which is almost equivalent to a place of worship for many, you will feel the positive vibe that fills this place. Everything here is pure and perfect.

      Recent Achievements & Strengths

      Knockout Fight club was the only association which was the part of the MFN 2 officials. This event was organized by Tiger Shroff on 29th June, 2019 in New Delhi. Founder Mannan R. Dattah was a member of the official team of MFN 2 and a leading personality in the main event. Not only were we a part of the organizing team, but our fighters participated and won the fights as well.

      "Age is not a barrier for you to learn Martial Arts and we personally train people from varied age groups."

      At Knockout Fight club we follow the OPEN DOOR Policy. We believe in being transparent and open to our clients. We are open to suggestions from our clients and we also address their problems with utmost sincerity.

      Types Of Classes & Training Style

      We believe in training all sorts of people. People from all walks of life are welcome. We do not differentiate based on age, gender, skills or fitness level. Everyone who joins us is trained under professional trainers.

      Our major services include MMA (Amateur and professional), Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Advanced Boxing, Cardio Kick Boxing, Life Coaching, Self Defense, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Meditation, Free Style Street Fighting, Weapon Training, weight lifting, wall climbing, fun activities,Trekking camps.

      Learn all this and see yourself as your own protector. In our one hour long training sessions, you will learn traditional fighting techniques, combinations, conditioning and your fitness will also be taken care of.

      We wish to cater maximum professionals and employees who are stressed out and bored with their regular routines and want to learn self defense, want to lose weight, or want to connect their mind and body, dream of becoming professionals fighters, have been let down by others but still willing to stand up and become warriors.

      As nowadays it has become necessary for being an expert in self-defense, so the Knockout fight club has brought special self-defense classes. It is basically best for those individuals who are looking for such self-defense classes in Noida Extension. Access to these classes will let you keep yourself not only physically fit but mentally also. It will help you to enhance your intellectual capabilities as well. You need not worry about learning special techniques for typical situations when this club is available and providing Self defense training at Noida Extension. You just visit the knockout fight club for once to have a demo or you can also visit the official website for further details.

      You shall find a variety of training options to explore from and you are sure to find yourself something that suits you

      The trainings that we offer are the best. We have a team of exceptionally talented trainers. We ensure that you get the highest quality of martial arts instruction and the desired results every time. Whether you are looking for a career in martial arts or just for fitness get you can get in touch with us. You will get trained from the best in the industry.

      Classic Boxing in Noida Extension:

      Nowadays it has become necessary to have a physical stability so that you can confront any situation easily. Kickboxing is one of the best exercises for training that you can adopt to enhance your physical as well as mental skills. In order to help you out, the Knockout Fight Club is not provided the best Kickboxing Classes in Noida extension. At the club, you will be getting training regarding all the techniques that will help you in being a physically strong person. Well, taking any decision is not so easy. But now the process has become simpler. Yes, you can take the demo classes and take your decision in accordance to it.