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    Martial arts Self-defense Training in Nehru Place, New

    The remarkable journey of Knockout started in the year 2013, with the founding of the first branch at Nehru place.



      What started with a small group of people, who ventured into an unchartered territory of martial arts, has evolved to become one of the finest fight clubs of the country.
      Ours is not a fancy gym but a homegrown facility. We have managed to preserve the authenticity of garage style gyms.

      We’ve come a long way within a short span of time and have perfected our systems in terms of the facility, trainers, and offerings. The vibe at our Nehru Place branch is a mixture of raw energy with a hint of spirituality. The positive supportive atmosphere here will help you unleash your best potential and grow holistically. We guarantee maximum and best quality learning.

      Recent Achievements & Strengths

      We are proud to have produced many MMA athletes, both Amateur and Pro-level, from this facility at Nehru Place.
      The brain, heart and soul of the empire – the founder of knockout Fight Club, Mannan R. Dattah, is also mostly present at our Nehru Place Branch.

      Trainings offered at Nehru place:
      We train a diverse set of people here at our Nehru place branch. People from all walks of life, age groups, gender, skill and fitness level train here under the guidance of our expert trainers.
      One of our major strengths at the Nehru place branch is the authenticity with which we teach MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Calisthenics and a unique functional training system are a few of our other offerings. We teach self-defense for the real world and are proud to offer you the world’s most intelligent Street Fighting system. Learn this and you can protect yourself in a real-life situation.
      In our 1-hour long training sessions, you will learn fundamental and traditional fighting techniques, combinations, conditioning and your fitness will also be taken care of.
      Individual progress is important to us and we believe in catering to the different needs and preferences of our clients. For this reason, we offer Personal training sessions as well.

      Types Of Classes & Training Style

      We believe in training all sorts of people. People from all walks of life are welcome. We do not differentiate based on age, gender, skills or fitness level. Everyone who joins us is trained under professional trainers.

      Our major services include MMA (Amateur and professional), Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Advanced Boxing, Cardio Kick Boxing, Life Coaching, Self Defense, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Meditation, Free Style Street Fighting, Weapon Training, weight lifting, wall climbing, fun activities,Trekking camps.

      Learn all this and see yourself as your own protector. In our one hour long training sessions, you will learn traditional fighting techniques, combinations, conditioning and your fitness will also be taken care of.

      We wish to cater maximum professionals and employees who are stressed out and bored with their regular routines and want to learn self defense, want to lose weight, or want to connect their mind and body, dream of becoming professionals fighters, have been let down by others but still willing to stand up and become warriors.

      You shall find a variety of training options to explore from and you are sure to find yourself something that suits you

      When it comes to our trainers, we assure you nothing but the best. We have a team of exceptionally talented trainers who ensure that you get the highest quality martial arts instruction and the desired results every time. We organize events that facilitate our students to test and showcase their skills. Whether you are looking for a career in martial arts, or just for fitness in general, get in touch with us. You will train with and from the best in the industry.

      A golden opportunity is now available for those who are thinking to join the best self-defense training in Nehru Place / Kalka Ji. The knockout fight club has brought self-defense classes in Nehru Place / Kalka Ji for you to make you not only physically fit but also enhance your mental capabilities. It will help you to get ready for fighting typical situations requiring self-defense. Moreover, you also need not go far away from our home as it is available at Nehru Place / Kalka Ji. You just need to visit the self-defense classes for demo at Nehru Place / Kalka Ji or you can also visit the website for any kind of further doubts.

      Classic Boxing in Nehru Place :

      An amazing opportunity available for all those thinking about joining the best Kickboxing Training in Nehru place / kalkaji!!! Now the club has got the best Kickboxing Classes in Nehru place / kalkaji so that you can enhance your mental capabilities and physical fitness as well. It will also help you in taking part in the fighting competitions as well. If you are having experience in kickboxing and want to enhance the skills of a little bit more then also you can consider the decision of taking the Kickboxing Classes from the best institute. Just visit the Knockout Fight Club and take a demo.