Nehru Place

Martial arts Self-defense Training in Nehru Place, New Delhi

Getting self defense training is becoming an imperative need for any age people who are physically fit so that they could contribute in building a safe and secure society.

The very common concept in India is that joining self defense or Martial arts training clubs is just for the youths and children but we as being the foremost Martial arts training club in Delhi have changed this concept by making the ‘fitness’ mantra to live happy and secured.

In parallel to Martial arts self-defense training in Nehru Place, New Delhi, we at Knockout Fight Club conduct the variety of fitness programs also to condition your body for advance learning that transforms the way you live.

Knock out fight club branch

We Offer Maximum Variety Of Self Defense Training:

Our set up at Nehru Place is the start up line for Knockout Fight Club to becoming India’s leading combat sports and fitness club; within short span of time, we have traveled a lot remarkably. During the period, we have created several milestones for the fitness and Martial arts training industry. Today, we conduct the variety of world-class self defense training at Nehru Place branch. Therefore, if you are living in south Delhi with burning desire to have impressive fitness and personality with specialization in self defense art, explore the following options to join the best:

  • MMA classes in Nehru Place
  • Martial Arts classes in Nehru Place
  • Kickboxing classes in Nehru Place
  • Boxing classes in Nehru Place
  • Karate classes in Nehru Place
  • Muay Thai classes in Nehru Place … and more



We Follow the Best Martial Arts Training Standards:

The knowledge and perfection gained primarily depends upon the teaching quality. The other factors that contribute in your perfection and confidence level are facilities, atmosphere, environment, members, opportunities to test your skills, post training support etc. As being in the self defense training business for over the years, we know and respect your expectations and requirements. At our Nehru Place club, the numbers of legendary fighters such as the SFL Delhi team captain Jason Ramesh Solomon have trained and coached the students. The atmosphere and vibe of Knockout Fight Club’s Nehru Place branch makes you feel as if you enter into the world of strength and honor.

Our Self Defense Training In Nehru Place Covers The Widest Scope:

Each self defense Martial arts training at Nehru Place, we conduct, is designed to cover the widest scope with practical perspectives –

  • MMA training in Nehru Place – Boxing, Clinch Fighting, Muay Thai, Judo, Greco-Roman Wrestling.
  • Martial Arts training in Nehru Place – Empty hand techniques and weapon techniques.
  • Kickboxing training in Nehru Place – Front kick, side kick, semi-circular kick, roundhouse kick etc.
  • Boxing training in Nehru Place – Footwork, punches, blocks, parries etc.
  • Karate training in Nehru Place – Foot sweep, Stomp kick, Knee strike, Kick in groin, Front kick etc.
  • Muay Thai training in Nehru Place – Straight knee, jumping knee, small knee, rabbit knee, lower knee etc.

Our experienced trainers personalize the training to deliver the best in the line of individuals’ objectives but preserve the killing instincts of each art. Whether you join our Martial arts training program for self defense or for career oriented objective, our faculty will help you to make the dream true. We ensure that each student, irrespective to training level or type of training, feels comfortable and confident. Our calendar year is full of events that we organize to facilitate the students to test and showcase their learned skills.

We invite you to get in touch at Knockout Fight Club’s Nehru Place branch and to experience the difference of being trained by the leaders.