Terms To Be Known Before Joining Muay Thai Training In Delhi

Muay Thai the most famous combat art of Thailand is getting tremendous popularity among the Indian youths also; Delhi as being the capital city host the largest numbers of Muay Thai training centers. Although Muay Thai is still a lesser-known form of self-defense martial art in India, still, the Muay Thai Training in Delhi is in great demand.

Muay Thai – More Than Just the Self Defense Art:

Technically, muay Thai is not the martial art; instead, it is a sports activity with traces going back to 1930. Most of its acts are inspired with the techniques used in Muay Boran. All the fighting arts evolved with the passage of time; and, Muay Thai is also not an exception. Most of people coming forward for Muay Thai training in Delhi have common major objective of learning a reliable self-defense skill. The other prime benefits of learning Muay Thai are – fitness, flexibility, focused mind, quick decision power etc. The experienced Muay Thai instructors make sure to keep every student safe; so, Muay Thai training is conducted in phases. The advance phase moves are practiced only after testing the perfection in basic moves.

Terms You Should Know Before Joining Muay Thai training:

Semi-contact: It is a fighting discipline focused on delivery, speed and technique. Both the fighters fight to score the defined points by using the legal techniques spearheaded with focus and speed.

Light Contact: Light Contact is often used term during Muay Thai Training at advanced stage. As the name implies, it practiced with controlled techniques. While practicing ‘Light Contact’ fighters fight until the referee commands to ‘STOP / BREAK’.

Full Contact: Muay Thai students practice ‘Full contact’ at advance stage of training only after gaining the expertise and capabilities to attack the opponent with the best of disciplined techniques and strength. Kicks and punches are showered over the target but with sharp focus and speed to create solid contact.

Low-Kick: The term ‘Low-Kick’ is associated with full contact in Muay Thai training. The clean kicks’ attack is executed at the opponent’s legs.

The trainers at different centers or clubs providing Muay Thai training in Delhi use different terminology but most of these words and commands are connected with ancient terminology.

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