Muay Thai training in Delhi

Muay Thai Training In Delhi- Planned For Short-Term Goals

You might have heard about Kickboxing, boxing, Karate, Martial arts etc but probably not about Muay Thai art because it is still relatively new in India. Undoubtedly, the most famous combat sport of Thailand, Muay Thai is based on the stand-up strikes and clinching techniques. A Muay Thai practitioner is trained to use knees, shins, elbows, fists and feet to attack the opponent as well as to defend the self. So, if you are concerned for the safety issues [...]

Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai Training In Delhi- The Necessity

Muay Thai is the very popular national sport of Thailand. Inspired with traditional martial art, it is an improved close combat fighting skill developed over the thousands of years. The high end Muay Thai training by the experienced martial art experts makes you perfect in using the entire body as a weapon. Although its origin is still the hot topic of discussions but it is getting tremendous popularity in all the countries; and, India too is not an exception. [...]


Terms To Be Known Before Joining Muay Thai Training In Delhi

Muay Thai the most famous combat art of Thailand is getting tremendous popularity among the Indian youths also; Delhi as being the capital city host the largest numbers of Muay Thai training centers. Although Muay Thai is still a lesser-known form of self-defense martial art in India, still, the Muay Thai Training in Delhi is in great demand. Muay Thai – More Than Just the Self Defense Art: Technically, muay Thai is not the martial art; instead, it is a sports [...]

MMA Classes in Delhi

MMA Classes in Delhi: Mistakes You Should Avoid to Learn Fast

MMA and mixed martial art are the popular terms getting tremendous popularity among the children and youths. Prominent Fight Clubs in Delhi have made adequate arrangements to train the members in MMA. Finding a Fight Club, conducting MMA classes in Delhi, is no more a tough task but getting the outstanding training from the qualified experts is a big concern. 4 Common Mistakes in Selection of MMA Training Club: Selection of MMA Fight Club on the scale of distance from the [...]