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Martial Arts Training In Delhi: Make It Goal Oriented

The numbers of fighting clubs conducting Martial arts training in Delhi are increasing fast because of the growing demand of centuries’ old fitness and self-defense skill. Originally, the art was developed as the self-defense skill but it continuously passed through transformation phases. As of today, it is the most reliable fitness and self-defense skill besides being an exciting sport. The Martial art fight events are being organized even in India too; the limelight on such events works as the [...]


Characteristics of High Quality MMA Training Programs

There are just too many trainers, dojo and gyms and to make matters more complex, on the Internet there is so much information about what techniques to practice, the workouts, what exercises, and what methods and routines work best. It’s next to impossible to have a clear understanding of what truly works and what doesn’t. Some people are creating their own routines based around their primary martial art. In Delhi alone there are so many Karate and Taekwondo teachers who [...]