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Muay Thai Training In Delhi: A Necessity Not A Trend

Muay Thai training in Delhi is drawing the intense attention of youths because of their serious concern to have a special tool to defend themselves in odd conditions. Numbers of fighting clubs in Delhi provide personalized Muay Thai training at a very affordable price. Joining Muay Thai training is not a fashion or trend but it is a necessity.

Muay Thai – The Art of Eight Limbs:

Muay Thai is the cultural national sport of Thailand. The traces of this self-defense combat art go back to hundreds of years. Muay Thai is the art to use the body as a lethal weapon. The art is referred as “The Art of Eight Limbs” also because its activities involve eight contact points of the body. While practicing Muay Thai, hands are used as the sword / dagger. During the Muay Thai training, the shin & forearm are hardened to act like the armor against the blows. The elbow is trained to fell upon the opponents like a hammer. The knees and legs act as the axe. The body of a Muay Thai expert acts as one unit. Due to noticeable popularity in Thailand, it garnered international recognition also to become a popular sport at many international sports events. With passage of time, the art witnessed several changes in rules introduced to make the sport safe.

Basic & Advanced Levels of Muay Thai Training:

Prior to enroll for Muay Thai training in Delhi, you need to judge your knowledge of Muay Thai. If you have very little knowledge of Muay Thai, you will be offered basic Muay Thai training course. During this training, students are introduced to light contacts as the part of partner training. During the fundamental Muay Thai training, students learn application of basics and the drilling of simple techniques. During the advance level Muay Thai training in Delhi, students learn strengthening and conditioning the body besides learning the heavy bag, pad work, clinching, sparring, and Wai Kru etc..

Because of the increasing popularity of Muay Thai training in Delhi, new Muay Thai training centers are emerging fast. Before enrolling with any Muay Thai club just because of its shortest distance from your home or office, re-consider your decision because you need the best-experienced Muay Thai teachers /trainers, personalized approach and world-class supportive environment.

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