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Knockout Malviya Nagar – Your very new playground in Malviya Nagar is here to deliver the best workouts, with and for the best.

Ever wondered what it takes to be the best?
Ever wondered how you will achieve that beach body?
Do you struggle to keep up with your resolution of getting fit?
Your wait ends here as Knockout Fight Club, Malviya Nagar presents to you new ways to get fitter. No shortcuts, No more cheat codes, and no more conventional methods of working out, as we at Knockout fight club Malviya Nagar introduce new and exciting methods to get fit and build strength.

Recent Achievements & Strengths

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and everything else will fall into place, with this vision of ours where we aim to bring out the very best version of you. It is an opportunity to discover new workouts and get fighting fit.

All it takes is sheer will power, perseverance, consistency and an observational eye to guide you through each phase, and assist you in achieving your goal. Knockout Fight Club, Malviya Nagar is more than just a gym. It is an abode to a community of fitness lovers who together help each other in attaining individual goals. Be it Calisthenics, Cross fit, Boxing, Muay-Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, our trainers are always there to help you get an inch closer to your fitness goals every single day.

Types Of Classes & Training Style

With our training programs you can enhance your strength, stamina, endurance, agility and improve athletic performance as well. Also our high intensity workouts aim at burning calories quickly.

What are you still waiting for? Come join us and find your starting point and we will help you in every step of the way in reaching your end point.

Build your path to success and discover a new you. We cater to everyone, from fighters to fitness enthusiasts to athletes to an average Joe. Whether you want to become a fighter or you want to lose weight or get fit, enroll yourself and train alongside with other motivated people. You will see a gradual change in your lifestyle as we provide a holistic growth to each individual right from day one till the overall transformation happens. Enroll now and we assure that your time here will be unforgettable.

Unlock the doors to a new you by opting for any of these (or all):


  • Boxing Classes in Malviya Nagar
  • MMA Classes in Malviya Nagar
  • Calisthenics Classes in Malviya Nagar
  • Kick Boxing Classes in Malviya Nagar
  • Jiu-Jitsu Classes in Malviya Nagar
  • Wrestling Classes in Malviya Nagar
  • Muay-Thai Classes in Malviya Nagar
  • Strength & conditioning Classes in Malviya Nagar
  • Crossfit Classes in Malviya Nagar
  • Cardio & Fat burning Classes in Malviya Nagar
  • Self defence Classes in Malviya Nagar

So No more excuses. Book your free trial class today and start the journey of a lifetime.
Don your boxing gloves, Get in the ring, Spar with your fear, and take out your stress as IT'S TIME, to get fighting feet. IT'S TIME to embrace the new fitness fetish.

Looking for the best Self Defense Training in Malviya Nagar? Now, you don’t need to roam here and there. At Knockout Fight Club you can learn all the amazing techniques that will help you in getting protected in every situation. The Self Defense Classes in Malviya Nagar not only involves the physical exercises but also helps in enhancing the mental or intellectual capabilities as well. If you are thinking about joining but still having any doubts then you can either go through the website or can also visit the Knockout Fight Club in Malviya Nagar for demo.

Classic Boxing in Malviya Nagar:

Thinking about getting the best Kickboxing Training In Malviya Nagar? Now you do not need to roam here and there. At the knockout fight you can easily get the best and amazing Kickboxing Classes that will help you in facing every situation easily. With the help of the Kickboxing Classes In Malviya Nagar you will be able to answer capabilities in the best manner. By joining the Kickboxing Classes you can enhance your intellectual skills as well. If you are having any sort of problems in your postures or coordination in your muscles then also you can consider the Knockout Fight Club Kickboxing Training in malviya nagar. Still having doubts? Go through the website or visit the Knockout Fight Club and take a demo.