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Karate Has Been A Part Of The Indian Sports, Recreational And Fitness Domain For A Long Time

The Karate Journey

Karate classes in Delhi are popular among people who want to learn self-defense and get in shape. Organizations such as KAI (Karate Association of India) and AIKF (All India Karate Do Federation) supervise the Karate Classes in Delhi and various other cities. It’s a sport rooted in discipline, strength, honor and culture. As you move the ranks as a fighter, you not only develop your body and skills but also your mind and soul.


Doing Karate classes in Delhi can be a bit of a hassle for a beginner. There are plenty teachers – some in parks, others in small studio and then the big players, this causes utter chaos. The several different styles of karate and the different lineages also add to the confusion however it takes few simple steps to find good Karate classes in Delhi or anywhere in the world. First, do your research. Look up the teacher/training institute that you want to enroll in, second do a short Karate training with them for free or a menial amount. Most teachers will not say NO to giving you one or two classes free and a week or two for a negligible amount. You can also Google your teachers name and crosscheck their credentials to see whether all their certificates and belts are authentic. But the most superior of all these things is the energy and environment you get from your Karate trainer. If you feel something clicking then you know you’ve found the right Karate Class.


Although Karate classes in Delhi come in different flavors, there is one profound ranking system all styles of Karate have followed since time immemorial. When you begin a Judo class you’re a white belt. White signifies innocence and birth. Then you move up to yellow and orange shades that signify the first rays of the sun – new knowledge, new skills. Then greens and blues come in which signify that a plant has sprouted and has turned into a strong tree as his knowledge has solidified. Finally there is brown that signifies the sturdiness of the earth and the complete growth of the tree. In the end you become a Black Belt, that symbolizes absence of fear and complete mastery. This is the system followed all over the world and Karate classes in Delhi are no different. Martial Art is systematic and no teacher ever goes off-track to customize his own system & techniques.

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