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How to properly train

What would we say to an aspiring cricketer who only practices on the road and never in a cricket ground ?

What would we say to an aspiring basketball player who only practices inside his house on a ring he’s hung on his rooms wall ?

What would we say to an aspiring marathon runner who only trains on a treadmill ?

You would say – Get the fuck out of there and into the real playing field !

Similarly in Self-Defense, what the fuck are we doing inside a comfortable gym/dojo, rolling around on rubber mats, wearing white uniforms ?

Thats so far away from the GROUND REALITY of a confrontation with a criminal.

I mean if it wasn’t so wrong it would be hilarious. If you are trying to learn how to protect yourself in a real situation, then you have to SIMULATE that specific situation.

Think about the conditions in which a real fight could take place…..

There won’t be good lighting.
There won’t be good flooring.
There will be concrete all around.
You will not have any music or maybe you’ll have too much of it (night club).
There will be no warming up and you won’t be ”switched on”

It’ll be sudden and chaotic and you will not be able pull off those pretty looking ”how to free yourself from a neck lock” kind of sissy moves that you so passionately do in the gym.

To prepare for real world violence, you have to train in the real world. I am still waiting to see a martial arts instructor or self-defense instructor take his students into a shabby dark lane and train them there. Because if you are not familiar with the playing field, you can totally forget about OVERPOWERING A HARDENED CRIMINAL, you’ll be fucking blown away by the environment alone.

How ever i understand, we can’t just shut down our training centers and start training people on the road (even though its not a bad idea) but we can have occasional training sessions in the real playing field i.e. the place we are actually training for.

Strength & Honor
Mannan R. Dattah

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