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We are here with a one-stop solution for your regular fitness regime. We will provide you with kickass martial arts training, fun workouts, self-defense, Calisthenics, Boxing, BJJ, Muay-Thai and Kickboxing.
You will undergo a holistic growth when you train here with us at Knockout. You will not only get physically fit but you will also get to see a better confident version of yourself.
We inculcate valuable life building skills such as self-confidence, discipline, leadership, self-control and goal setting.

Recent Achievements & Strengths

We have the best professional and experienced coaches who assure world-class Martial Arts instruction. At Knockout fight club the training programs are curated to accommodate students of all levels and skill.
We have resources for all sorts of aspirers and individuals. We believe in individuality and hence give priority to all our clients.
You could train to be an athlete, a professional MMA fighter or to maintain or elevate your fitness & self-defense skills.

Types Of Classes & Training Style

Have you ever thought how your future is going to be with the lazy lifestyle that you are currently leading? In this rat race, people completely ignore their health and motivation to always stay strong, physically and mentally.

We are located in Sector 39, Noida, and are a part of India’s largest chain of Mixed Martial Arts gyms – Knockout Fight Club.

Apart from providing you with the best Martial Arts training, we also give you the benefits of a gym. In our 1 hour long classes you train in groups and get quality and authentic training. We also provide the option of personal training sessions.

Classic Boxing in Greater Noida:

In order to face any situation, it is important for any person to have an expertise skill related to physical fitness. If you are also about enhancing your physical skills and having any thought of knowledge or interest in boxing then you will be glad to know that the Knockout Fight Club has brought special Kickboxing Classes in Greater Noida just for you. It is the best option available for those individuals who are not willing to leave their City just for taking training. Now you can get the best Kickboxing Training in Greater Noida by visiting the best fight club. That sports available at Knockout Fight Club will help you in strengthening up your physical fitness and also your intellectual capability is will be enhanced. In order to get more details you need to visit the Knockout Fight Club for once.

We have some interesting clients’ base ranging from beginners to serious competitors, who are gearing up to learn kickboxing, Boxing, BJJ, Muay-Thai, Self-Defense, and MMA. Our classes are designed to be rejuvenating, fun and at the same time push you to achieve your goals.

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So what are you still waiting for? Get yourself registered and train in the best MMA facility in India.

In the current era, it has become crucial for everyone to have expertise in self-defense. In order to help you out, The Knockout fight club has brought special self-defense classes in Greater Noida. It is basically best for those individuals who are looking for best Self Defense Classes for women in Greater Noida. By joining these classes you will be able to keep yourself not only physically fit but mentally as well. With the help of Knockout classes, you can easily enhance your intellectual capabilities and bring an amazing self-confidence. In order to avail more details, you need to visit the knockout fight club for once to have a demo or you can also visit the official website as well.