Fighting to Enlightenment

You often see great fighters taking devastating shots to the face without even flinching, they absorb the attack, maybe even bleed and swell up but continue fighting like nothing happened!

They don’t need those extra 10 seconds that 99.9% of the populations does to gather their composure after getting hit. They wouldn’t be fighters if they did.

Do you know how they manage to do that though?

Are they exceptionally conditioned because of years of training?
Do they have good genetics?
Are they (or have become) mentally tough?

The answer to all these questions is YES

But also the big game changer, the difference between a normal fighter and a greater fighter is SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT.

All concepts of enlightenment have revolved around the idea that one must become aware of their ‘true self’ by first understanding that he is not the body and neither the mind.

Some people create this detachment from the body and mind by doing yoga and meditation; it could be called the yin energy or water energy path to enlightenment.

Martial arts or any kind of fighting where you have to deliver and receive physical strikes at extremely high intensity also demands a high level of detachment from the body and mind, otherwise the moment you’d get hit, you’d drown in pain.

Therefore as one makes progress and goes deeper into martial arts, he must become more spiritual, and can separate himself from his body and mind. That’s how great athletes become capable of pushing the limits.

There was an experiment done in a car racing competition, they monitored the heart beat of all the racers during the competition and the guy who won, who had also been the champion for the last couple of years, his heart beat turned out to be the slowest. What this showed was that even though beginners should learn to tap into aggression and switch on their beast mode, as you become a more advanced athlete, you need to be able to set the degree of that aggression with surgical precision. It’s like fine tuning a frequency.

Think of it as the difference between a street thug and godfather. One is full of rage and aggression, the other is calmer yet more powerful and dangerous. How ever we misunderstand this and we think we now have to become more passive. In fact its quite the opposite. We now need to tap into something known as cold aggression; cold aggression is what the military, the SWAT and other such agencies use. Think about it, when a SWAT team conducts a raid, they aren’t in a meditative mood, they aren’t slow and spiritual. No, they’re super aggressive, they have come to kill but at the same time its not blind rage, they won’t shoot everybody in the room including each other. They’ll hunt down the criminals and save the hostages, all in a very co-coordinated and smoothly strategic manner.

That is what I’d like to call COLD AGGRESSION

To sum it up I’d say

For most fighters, going to the next level means

1    Fine tuning their aggression
2    Becoming detached from the body and mind

Hope this gave you some valuable information

Strength & Honor
Mannan R. Dattah

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