Wrestling (Kushti) has been a part of the Indian culture forever. Wresting is a great workout and a set of essential skills that ought to be a part of every Martial Artist’s arsenal.

Our business stands out amongst other schools because while we offer a very traditional approach to the martial arts we also incorporate that with the forever evolving mixture of different styles. We offer a well-structured curriculum for our students to learn a system of self-defence for any given situation. Whether on your feet, ground, clinch etc.

Knockout’s wrestling classes have everything you need to win, build confidence and dominate in the cage or on the street.

  • You will learn how to stop someone from taking you down
  • And how to take someone down
  • The right technique to ‘’fall’’ (yes there is such a thing)
  • Transitioning from striking to grappling
  • Proper Footwork
  • Escaping from bottom
  • Staying on top
  • Finish Techniques that end fights in seconds
  • Wrestling mindset… flowing and being fluid

Students will be exposed to Knockout’s proven and tested curriculum in a fun and safe environment.



    The fitness aspect of wrestling is a whole chapter in itself.

    Even Bruce Lee adopted some of the powerful techniques Indian wrestlers used to build up their fitness such as ‘Dandbaithak’. Get ready to experience a modern Akhada at Knockout’s Wrestling Classes

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    • January 21, 2017