90 Day Body Transformation

90-day body transformation is another one of our signature programs that helps you build a new you in 90 days or less. You’ll lose weight, enhance muscle, reshape your body and become athletic as well as healthy.

The power of this program comes from the principles of MMA training. You see when someone is doing MMA they are using all aspects of their athleticism – stamina, strength, flexibility, explosiveness, balance, etc whereas other forms of exercise usually focus on only 1 or 2 aspects, for example, a weight lifter is mainly building strength while a yoga practitioner is mainly enhancing flexibility and endurance. Therefore transforming your body with MMA training is like using the most superior tool available for the job.

In these 90 days, you will get personalized attention, the best coaches to design your workouts, diet and nutrition guidance, psychology-based accountability, and support structures to maximize your motivation.

All in all, investing in the 90-day body transformation program at Knockout is a guarantee that you will get results.

On top of transforming your body, you’re going to learn self-defense and MMA as a bonus. These are life skills that everyone should have. The ability to be able to protect yourself and feel fearless is priceless! So you’re not just transforming your body, you’re also becoming a warrior!

If you’re serious about transforming yourself. Today could be day 1. Get started!