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One of the major transformations required to be able to do Self-Defense is mental.

Most martial arts and combat sports make you go through rigorous physical conditioning and hard sparring, again and again and again. Overtime this changes your natural response to violence. Instead of panicking and drowning in uncontrollable adrenaline, you are able to function like an emotionless machine.

If you are suddenly attacked on the street, a switch in your mind flips. The average person will go from an ‘’all is well’’ to a ‘’holy shit’’ mind state where as a trained fighter’s mind will do all of following in a second

1)    The awareness doubles, he analyzes the threat (how many attackers are there, do they have weapons, are they just drunk or are they criminals, are they fit or unfit, what are their motives)

2)    He analyzes the surroundings – which direction can he run in, is there anything around that he can use as a weapon etc

3)    He foresees everything – when the confrontation will escalate from verbal to physical and what will be the appropriate response.

4)    If the physical confrontation is unavoidable, he hits first and gets the hell out of there.

All of this happens within seconds, from the analysis to ending the fight. Nothing on the street lasts for more than 20-30 seconds. You need to put in hours of work. If you’ve conditioned yourself physically and mentally then the appropriate response in a fight will come naturally to you but if you’ve attended one of those gimmicky workshops that promise to turn you into Bruce Lee in 45 mins then ummm…. God help you!!

Sometimes good old hard work beats the shit out of smart work

Strength & Honor
Mannan R. Dattah

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