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Learn to get ANGRY!

Anger is sacred. It’s a force that has incepted many reforms and necessary changes in the world. But our society has made anger a taboo; right from childhood we’re told we shouldn’t get angry. We are punished for showing anger. It’s not a ‘’good’’ thing we’re told.

It’s completely detrimental to do that kind of a conditioning to a child. Because I may be punished if I do something bad because of my anger, but punishing me simply because I feel anger is ridiculous. It could actually be argued that it’s a violation of a human right to do that.

What is anger? Why do we feel angry? We feel that way when someone or something has crossed a boundary we set or when something doesn’t happen like the way we would like to. Mostly our emotional state does not go beyond disappointment or irritation but when it’s something severe, we reach anger.

It’s important to have access to the full ranges of your emotional scale. i.e. there are people who just fluctuate between ‘’a little happy’’ and ‘’a little sad’’. They never touch the extreme highs and extreme lows, the ecstatic blissful feelings and the horrifyingly angry or sad feelings. To not experience these emotions is to not experience life fully. However it goes without saying that getting stuck at one of these extreme states is obviously problematic, like some people who are always short tempered. In this article we’re not talking about them though.

We’re talking about normal people feeling angry. It’s a useful tool if you know what to do with it. In fact the whole concept of human rights wouldn’t have been created and propagated all over the world if people didn’t get angry at the gruesome destruction of world war I and II. Also the betterment of the condition of women in our world wouldn’t have happened if the first few feminists didn’t get angry enough to put their foot down and protest. Another example would be the police, military or martial artists and self-defense teachers. How do you think they engage in combat with criminals? Is it with a smile and a lot of peaceful feelings? Of course not! They get angry, aggressive and bring hell to their targets.

It is coordinated anger, like when a SWAT team conducts a raid, they break down doors, kill with single shots to the head, rescue hostages etc and they do it with lighting speed. They are aggressive but in a skillful manner. Its not psychotic out of control anger. Its focused and channeled anger. The most dangerous kind that exists.

So realize that its not only acceptable to get angry but also beneficial.

The only question is, is your anger righteous?

That’s it, is it righteous?

If it is then will you do something about the injustice that you are angry at?

Anger is like fire, know how to use it and it’ll do wonders.

If it gets out of your control, it’ll end you.

Strength & Honor
Mannan R. Dattah

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