Characteristics of High Quality MMA Training Programs

There are just too many trainers, dojo and gyms and to make matters more complex, on the Internet there is so much information about what techniques to practice, the workouts, what exercises, and what methods and routines work best. It’s next to impossible to have a clear understanding of what truly works and what doesn’t.

Some people are creating their own routines based around their primary martial art. In Delhi alone there are so many Karate and Taekwondo teachers who started offering MMA when they realized that the demand for traditional martial arts is being overtaken by these new high quality MMA training programs. Logically there is nothing wrong with a slight tailoring of how MMA programs are taught in each dojo. In fact the variations in style is what makes MMA what it is. However, problems start arising, when the universal principles of MMA are defied and the basics are manipulated. Instructors/Dojos that share techniques, drills and advice without a well structured MMA training program specifically designed with the intent of forging a solid foundation and intelligently building skills from the ground up, leave absolutely no chance that you will train efficiently. In fact, the more you will train, the more frustrating it will get. Because many times than not you will be learning in 2 years what the right kind of MMA training program should have taught you 2 months. In worst-case scenarios, you wont ever learn anything-real value at all!

Training with a coach/instructor to guide you is necessary. However, blindly jumping into a group class setting when you are just starting isn’t always the best way to learn. Therefore there is a need to be aware of the characteristics of a good quality MMA program. It will allow you to select what is right for you and filter out the garbage.


1. The warm up has to be highly dynamic. This means a combination of stretching, cardio, muscular endurance and agility exercises put together in a highly intelligent manner. Too much stretching will tell your muscles too relax, too little stretching will not promote enough blood-flow and won’t get you ready.

2. The culture of your dojo must be flexible. MMA sends all traditional martial arts for a run for their money because of its versatile and consequently lethal nature. If you’re training at a place where they encourage one style of combat then you’re limiting your arsenal and when you meet a skilled opponent, you won’t know how to adapt to him. Therefore always train with an Instructor/at a Dojo where the focus is on synchronizing several fighting styles and helping you create your own unique ways of fighting

3. Learn how to trade punches. Boxing is a sport that toughens you in a way that no other sport does. Its old school, bread and butter stuff! Now this might sound contradictory to point number two but all I am saying is that before getting into highly complicated and funky martial arts moves, a serious fighter must spend a year or two focusing on how to deliver and take hard punches along with basic strength and conditioning work.

These three pointers are crucial even though there is much more that makes a good MMA Training Programs in Delhi. The sport is still so new that its difficult to find high quality training, therefore I lay stress on just getting the basics right in the beginning.

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