Knockout Fight Club is India’s #1 combat sports & fitness training organization whose mission is to spread power in the world by transforming people into their best versions. Within a very short span of time, Knockout Fight Club has become the largest brand in Mixed Martial Arts training with multiple training centers in Delhi NCR. Seeing the over all lack in expertise and professionalism in the Indian Martial Arts scene, Knockout Fight Club was conceptualized to serve as a superior platform for self-defense, Martial Arts and functional fitness where all the benefits of high quality training can be accessed at an affordable price. The expansion of Knockout Fight Club’s branches even beyond the boundaries of Delhi NCR tell us all about its success story; and the credit for such a smooth journey goes to our highly skilled team that consists of some of India’s top MMA fighters such as the SFL Delhi team captain Jason Ramesh Solomon. Our clients who shared their experiences of getting trained and achieving their goals at Knockout Fight Club have also contributed to our rapid growth.

Using our intention of being a source of power in the world as a guiding compass, we are setting up training centers all across India to teach a wide variety of Martial Arts such as:

Mixed Martial Arts                Muay Thai                                        Wrestling

Boxing                                     Kickboxing                                      Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Karate                                       Kung Fu                                            Krav Maga ……

Come experience the world of strength and honor at a Knockout Fight Club near you.

Knockout Fight Club, Nehru Place, New Delhi:

Nehru Place is the headquarters. This is the epic branch where the journey of Knockout Fight Club becoming India’s leading combat sports and fitness club started many years ago. Nehru Place is a large business, commercial and financial center in Delhi, which makes this branch a convenient location for many. People from all walks of life train here and achieve their goal faster than they ever thought possible whether it is general fitness, self-defense or professional fighting. The atmosphere and vibe of this branch is straight out of a movie! Training here will bring out the superhero in you. If you are serious about transforming yourself and creating a new lifestyle along with learning the sacred art of fighting, then schedule a meeting with one of the managers at Knockout Fight Club Nehru Place today!

Knockout Fight Club, Saket, New Delhi:

This conveniently located branch near PVR Saket (Anupam) offers a high energy and adrenaline-pumping atmosphere. The branch has a very motivating style of Martial Arts training that puts you ‘in the zone’ and Almost all of Knockout Fight Club’s senior coaches regularly visit this branch to ensure the training is of the best quality. If training in or around Saket is what you are looking for, this is the ultimate place!

Knockout Fight Club, Chattarpur, New Delhi:

Our Chattarpur branch, spread across 6,000 square feet of action area, is one of the most premium MMA training centers with a fully equipped gym. The high quality atmosphere keeps you inspired and therefore continuously learning. It is gives you the rare combination of all Martial Arts training resources with enjoying every moment of your time in training. We promise you, one look at this incredible facility and you will be hooked!

Knockout Fight Club, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon:

Continuing the spree to spreading power via martial arts and fitness coupled with the increasing demand for lifestyle hacks that enable a person to be more confident, productive and overall a better performer, we opened Knockout Fight Club’s first Gurgaon branch in a cozy corner of DLF phase 3 U block. This branch, which also features basic gym equipments for strength and conditioning work is known for being addictive; members report the state of training feels intoxicating.

Knockout Fight Club, Sohna Road, Gurgaon:

Another large and lavish center for Mixed Martial Arts training in Gurgaon is our Sohna Road branch spread across 3,000 square offering all of Knockout Fight Club’s training programs and delivering thundering results to its members.

Knockout Fight Club, Sector 39, Noida:

When we opened doors and started offering Mixed Martial Arts training in Noida, It created history because this became North India’s first Martial Arts facility inside a mall! Knockout Fight Club in Noida is located G – 17 B, Basement, Sector 39 Noida, UP 201301 (On Main Road, Opp Dental Solutions). It also has a dedicated outdoor jungle area for special training! This audacious move to offer MMA training in Noida inside a mall speaks volumes about the success of Knockout Fight Club and how it is not only the best option for Martial Arts training in Noida but also well on its way to leading the Martial Arts scene in India.

Knockout Fight Club Karkardooma:

Our goal is to serve. Our commitment is that working out regularly can change anyone’s life. Therefore when we were presented with a huge demand for Martial Arts training in East Delhi. We responded by opening a Knockout Fight Club there and offering the full curriculum of mixed martial arts, self-defense and functional fitness.