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Our Mission

Martial Arts training used to be only available to a very exclusive group of people

like warriors and princes but now the time has come for Martial Arts to become available to all of us who are willing to become the
most powerful version of ourselves.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears”

Our greatest war today is not being fought on a battlefield outside somewhere but instead it is happening inside us.



    Right now we are doing well in the world in terms of science and technology, what we need the most is faster evolution of the human consciousness or in simpler words – for people to just become better.

    All the world’s problems are only reflections of our inner demons.

    If there is pollution, it’s because we are making bad choices.

    If there is poverty, it’s because we are not being compassionate.

    All our external circumstances are a result of who we are being, every moment, every day.

    Mixed Martial Arts makes one powerful and dynamic. It takes care of the basics like physical fitness really fast. You will start to look, feel and move differently within the first few weeks of your training.

    Then there is a whole mental side to it like the ‘’flow state’’. Pretty soon it starts affecting your character, making you more confident, focused, resilient, perseverant etc.

    You start becoming more alive! And this rabbit hole is infinite, Martial Arts is a sacred energy from which you can extract as much as you want and are willing to put in the effort for.

    But what makes Martial Arts training truly epic is that over and above all its benefits, it feels fucking amazing!

    Just performing and deeply feeling the movements is fulfilling and complete in itself.

    Being a Martial Artist means being on a constant adventure. Not only do you get all the positive outcomes of doing the training, you are also fully enjoying the process.

    It's YOU vs YOU!

    • You can choose a healthy lifestyle or an unhealthy lifestyle.
    • You can choose to be fit or unfit.
    • You can choose to be kind or rude.
    • You can choose fear or courage.
    • You can choose wisdom or ignorance.
    • You can choose to be the best you can be or you can choose to stay the same and slowly deteriorate.
    • You can choose to live a great life or live a mediocre one.

    If this is for you, no one will have to convince you, you will feel a calling in your heart. It may even start as a small whisper before it becomes a storm. The only question is how long will you take to answer the call ?

    Meet the team behind keeping you fit!