This is a basic framework for mixed martial arts training that one can follow to up his or her game quickly. This is the same mixed martial arts training routine that seasoned amateurs as well as world-class professionals use. A basic routine such as this doesn’t need to be fancy or full of complicated and hard exercises. Most MMA clubs in Delhi either don’t follow a proper curriculum or in an attempt to over-compensate they suddenly throw in super complicated and fancy moves.

Real mixed martial arts training is usually repetitive, simple, and focused on mastering the basics over and over again. If you are willing to learn and possess the discipline to dedicatedly train to learning, this exact mixed martial arts training routine can take you to a very high level far.

Phase I – 3 to 5 Rounds of Cardio

  • This will always be your first warm up exercise. It reduces your chances of getting hurt drastically and gets your body and mind ready for training. While skipping it is important to stay focused on your breathing and make it rhythmic for optimally intake and use of oxygen.
  • You can substitute skipping with running

Phase II – 15 Mins of Stretching

  • Exploring your range of motion reduces injury, promotes blood flow, and boosts performence.
  • Each and every body part should be moved. Including often overlooked areas like wrists, knees, jaw etc

Phase III – Technique Training or Padding

  • Beginners can be taught the movements and asked to repeat them in the air, while a senior keeps correcting them.
  • People with experience can do pads. Develop offensive and defensive techniques with the focus on speed and accuracy, not power.

Phase IV – 2-3 Rounds of Heavy Bag / Sparring

  • The techniques that are the primary focus should be practiced on the heavy bag or while sparring
  • Its very important to develop the habit of staying active and not flat footed
  • Once again the focus must remain on accuracy and technique. Power comes later
  • Complete beginners can focus on develop single attacks like jab, cross etc on the bag

Phase V – 20 Mins Ground Game

  • Learn the techniques and partner drilling
  • 1-2 rounds of rolling

Phase VI Cooldown/Warmdown

  • Relaxing, breathing deep and stretching
  • At Knockout we like to do yoga asanas for cooldown
  • Post cooldown sometimes the fighters will talk about the techniques and share ideas


This is a simple mixed martial arts training routine. After this comes easy and natural to you, there are all all other sorts of crazy routines designed for specific aspects of fighting. Immersive sessions/weeks that focus on speed or power or something else are great for advanced fighters who know what needs to be worked on. For beginners, it is important to slowly train the basics. Learn the guard, footwork and the right movement to put your bodyweight behind your attacks.

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